Our team decided to help provide clean drinking water for rural communities in Africa and around the world by improving upon the PlayPump model.

We have created a model for a water pumping facility the entire community could use. This Community Service Fitness Playground (C.S.F.P.) would solve some of the issues the PlayPump has.

The C.S.F.P would have different kinds of play and exercise equipment modified to pump water from a single borehole. This includes a swing, a see-saw, a bike-powered merry-go-round, and a cross-country glider. A rain catchment at the top of the reservoir would also collect water.

The water would be pumped into a reservoir that community members could access with a regular tap.


  • Different types of equipment that both kids and grownups can use
  • Only installed in places where there are enough people
  • Talk to the people who live there first and make sure this is something they want and something they will use
  • Work with organizations like The Water Project to make sure the pump and equipment is working and provide regular maintenance. We would check on it four times a year and hire people who lived there to maintain it
  • We would include a regular hand-pump as well
  • Build with a few parts as possible. With more parts, more things can break.
  • The people would not get bored because there are different options
  • We would have an attachment to collect rainwater that could catch water if it’s raining.
  • Minimum 100 people. Maximum 500 people.


A slide pump. We improved upon the PlayPump by adding bikes that users can peddle to turn the pump.

The C.S.F.P. will have a traditional handheld pump for people who still want to use it. Here is is located near the reservoir.

A teeter totter water pump.

An older gentleman uses a pump operated by a swing.

A slide pump.

The underground pump operated by our teeter totter.


Drilling hole $12,000
primary bipod swing-10 foot $610
merry go cycle $1,200
two seated teeter totter $761
7 foot free standing slide $4,000
sol exercise bike $800
sol health walker $800
pipes and other materials $10,000
Total $30,171